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Basic Python
• Today’s Technical Environment Requires Some Understanding and Practical Application of a Programming/Scripting Language.

• Python’s diversity, adaptability and its elegant, easy-to-master basics set it apart from other programming languages.

• Python can be utilized in web application development, data analytics (machine learning, data science), and cyber operations.
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Introduction to Data Science
• Gain insight into the Data Science Process and How to Apply it to You Mission.

• No Prior Knowledge Needed, We’ll Lead You Through Everything You Need to Get Started.

• Will Cover Topics Such as:
      Algorithmic Thinking and Development
      Data Acquisition, Preparation and Governance
      Exploratory Data Analysis
      Python and Supporting Data Science Libraries
      Data Visualization and Reports

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Penetration Testing with Docker and Kali Linux
Understanding how your infrastructure is secured against potential adversaries, exploits and attacks is a critical skill in designing, deploying and defending your environment. Often times, penetration testing takes time, patience and a high level of skills to set up the environments and understand what to test for. In this two-hour session we will look at a general concept of penetration testing being conducted against a company web site. Following the discussion portion a demonstration of utilizing Docker containers to establish a NGINX based web server and a container that provides Kali Linux to enumerate and potentially exploit vulnerabilities within the NGINX based web server.
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Introduction to Machine Learning
• Gain insight in to leveraging Machine Learning Skills and Techniques to apply capabilities to your mission needs.

• Develop Understanding of Relationships between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

• No prior experience or technical knowledge needed; we’ll cover everything you need to get started.

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Basic Malware Analysis
• Three Days of Hands On Introduction to Understanding Malware Analysis and Practical Application

• We’ll introduce you to all the facets needed to begin triaging malware to include:
      Types of Malware
      Different Environments (Mobile, Cloud, IoT, ICS) in which malware threatens
      Static and Interactive Analysis Techniques and Procedures
      Setting up a Malware Analysis Sandbox
      Decompiler tools such as Ghidra, IDA Pro
      Tracing Malware actions and developing mitigation actions


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