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  • Dave Proulx
    Dave Proulx

    Dave is the Director of Digital Forensics for IntelliGenesis LLC. He is an accomplished instructor and has been teaching Digital Forensics, Cyber Investigations, and Law Enforcement for over a decade. He served as a vetted instructor for the United States State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (DS/ATA) Cyber Terrorism Task force completing several international training missions in across the globe including Kingston, Jamaica, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Mexico City, Mexico. He has been vetted by the National White Collar Crimes Center (NW3C) for Law Enforcement and currently serves as an instructor for BlackBag Technologies, Spyder Forensics, Traversed and IntelliGenesis.

    Dave served 20 years in law enforcement, including his nine years in Digital Forensics where he was assigned to the HSI and Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.

    In addition to his criminal investigative work in digital forensics Dave was the co-founder of Valor Digital Forensics LLC where he serves as an digital forensic and eDiscovery expert witness in civil litigation cases. Expanding his expertise into civil litigation Dave has conducted hundreds of digital forensic investigations in both criminal and civil matters and is highly experienced working cases related to Intellectual Property Theft, Software Piracy, Alimony, Separation & Divorce, Custody, E-Discovery, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and criminal investigations.

    Mr. Proulx is an expert in performing forensic investigations on devices based on Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems.

  • Rob Attoe
    Rob Attoe
    CEO Spyder Forensics

    Rob is the CEO and Founder of Spyder Forensics, where he heads operations, business development, and growth of the business. Rob is an accomplished instructor who develops course content for the digital investigations community that is delivered across the globe to state and local law enforcement personnel, ensuring the curriculum and delivery concepts are of the highest standards within the industry. He is an author and contributor to the production of customized courses tailored for digital forensic practitioners and corporate entities. Rob leads the research into forensic artifacts found on various digital devices and regularly presents his findings at international conferences.

    Rob has over a decade of experience developing and presenting training on Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensics and eDiscovery education programmes for the global digital investigations community, having previously held the positions of Vice President of Training at Cellebrite, Senior Vice President of Global Training at Nuix and Director of Training at AccessData. He has also held positions as a Computer Crime Specialist with the National White Collar Crime Centre, where his primary focus was on research and development of a file system analysis and automated forensic tool curriculum, and with the UK’s Kent Police as a Forensic Computer Analyst.

    As a long term member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Rob instructs regularly at the association’s annual conferences and is a lead instructor for the Advanced Windows Forensic course as well as regularly presenting at the premier international digital forensics conferences such as High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Department of Defence Cyber Crime, F3 Annual Workshops and Internet Crimes against Children taskforce. Rob has contributed to digital forensic publications and is a subject matter expert to various course for the ATA program managed by the State Department in the USA. Rob continually develops solutions to identify and report on new forensic artifacts on emerging technologies which he shares on open and closed forums.

Columbia, MD


Columbia, MD
7164 Columbia Gateway Dr., Suite 120, Columbia, MD 21046
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Dec 16 2019 - Dec 19 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



SPYDER FORENSICS Foundations/Intermediate Digital Forensics – December 16 – 19, 2019

Course Overview

This is a four-day course is designed for the investigator/examiner entering the field of digital forensics and provides the fundamental knowledge to comprehend and investigate incidents involving electronic devices. The course covers in depth architecture and functionality of the TFS and FAT File Systems and their related metadata pertaining to stored objects on the physical media. Attendees will gain insight into partitioning structures and disk layouts and the effects of formatting volumes that contain existing data. File management and directory structure characteristics will be examined in detail as well as techniques for discovering potential evidence that maybe pivotal to a successful examination. This will be followed by topical areas of interest to include file headers and file hashing and recovery of deleted files and basic analysis of a windows-based system. This course incorporates an investigative scenario, providing hands-on experience with examination of collected evidence

What You Will Learn:

What is Digital Forensics

General overview of the world of digital forensic investigations.

Reasons for a Forensic Investigation

Discussions on the events that would lead to a request for a
forensic examination.

Discuss the Types of Forensic Analysis

Outline the different types of analysis the examiner will encounter
Discuss the challenges of each and questions that need to be asked
before an examination begins
Describe the forensic and incident response process.

Incident Response Process

Discuss the role of the first responder
Outline the stages of the incident response
Review best practices in evidence collection
Concepts of a digital fingerprint, HASHing
Discussions in evidence recovery.

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